Blueair is a well-reputed company in the market for manufacturing the best air purifier. If you ever searched for an air purifier then maybe you hear about it. Today we are going to discuss the Blueair Air Purifier Review. We will also explore every aspect that will help you to know about the Blueair purifier.

Background of Blueair Purifier

Blueair purifier was founded in 1996 by Bengt Ritter. The basic goal of the company was to help to make better respiratory health and overcome the problem of asthma. After facing many ups and downs Blueair achieved a great reputation in the air purifying industry.

What is special about Blueair?

There are many advanced features that you are going to love it. It is said that the Blueair purifier offers the best quality purifiers. The prices of the Blueair purifier is higher compared to their competitors because they believe to serve best to there customers. So if you are looking air purifier at a cheap price then you can go for the other brands.

Special About Blueair Air Purifiers

Noise with Blueair Purifier

If you have ever used the air purifier that means you have faced the problem of noise. Which comes from the air purifier. All purifiers produce noise but Blueair used the HEPA Silent technology. This technology helps to run the Blueair purifier smoothly with less noise. If you will compare the noise of the Buleair with the other company’s purifiers. Then you will find that Blueair produces very little noise compared to the other company’s purifiers.

Save Energy and Money with Blueair Purifier

It’s actually important to know what will be the cost of running your air purifier. When it comes to the Blueair purifier so very low energy is required to run the  Blueair Purifier.

Expenses On Maintenance

If you are purchasing an air purifier you must look at the cost of the purifier. You must include the maintenance price that you are going to spend on it. You have to spend the amount on changing the filter of the purifier. The price of the filter starts from $40 to $150. As you can understand the prices differs according to the different model and the different features of the Blueair. Although the low energy consumption saves a handsome amount of your hard earn money still you have to spend on the filter change of the Blueair purifier.


Blueair Purifier has the Swedish design that makes the Blueair purifier looks better. It may be sound not an extraordinary point but let me tell you that these purifiers are made of the galvanized steel that increases the life of the purifier. So of course, the Blueair purifier design plays an important role.


Lower Ranged Blueair Air Purifier

It is clear that if you will pay more than you will get more benefits. We chose the Blueair classic 205 air purifier in low range Blueair Purifier. The price of this beautiful air purifier is $349.99 only.  It is good for the small to medium size bedrooms, or offices, etc. This purifier can cover up to 279ft square.

The features you will get in the Blueair purifier

Top three features of Blueair Air Purifier

  • Wi-Fi connectivity- You can use the Blueair friend app and use the wi-fi connectivity for remote control.
  • On/off timer- Here you can set the on/off timer so you can set it according to your requirement.
  • Speed control- You can control the speed of the Blueair purifier according to the environment of your home.

The dimension of the Blueair Purifier is 21x 17x in (533 x 432 x 209mm). The weight is not so high it’s only 11 kg and the energy consumption is 20 – 80 W. We found that almost every customer is satisfied with the Blueair 205 air purifier. They get rid of seasonal allergies and now they are sleeping better than ever.

Mid-range Blueair Purifier

Medium Ranged Blueair Air Purifier

If you have a quite good budget so you can choose the Blueair classic 403. To get this air purifier you need to pay $549.00 only. It can be a good option for the medium to the large bedroom. You can also use it in the living room. It can easily cover spaces up to 370 ft square. Here you will also get the filter replacement indicator.

The dimensions of the Blueair Classic 403 are 23x  20x 11in and if we discuss the weight then it’s quite higher weight in comparison to the Blueair Classic 205. The weight of this purifier is 15 kg. The energy consumption is 30 – 80 W. One of the best things about the thing you will notice in this purifier is that it doesn’t produce more sound. The sound level is 32 – 52 dB(A) only.

Many customers said that they got the fresh, clean, and the best quality air. They got better health and most of the people were saying that they run the Blueair Classic 24/7 and still the purifier is in well and good condition.

High Range Blueair Purifier

Top Ranged Blueair Air Purifier

We choose the Blueair Classic 605 in the high range of Blueair purifiers. The price of this purifier is $829.99 and it comes with the 60 days return policy. So here you get enough time to decide that this purifier is good for you or not.

There are many advanced features you will get with this purifier. You will get the wi-fi connectivity for remote control and you will be able to set the on/off timer with the help of the Blueair friend app. There is also an indicator for filter replacement. There is a speed control option. You can manage the speed of the purifier and set it according to the environment.

Users are very satisfied with this Blueair Classic 605. Many users said that they are getting better sleep and the design of the purifier is actually amazing. It produces very little noise.


We have covered almost everything in this Blueair purifier review. I hope you got your answer. The prices are high but you will definitely get the best quality product.


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